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A Can Cooler You Can’t Knock Over?

Well, here’s something a little different. It’s a non-tipping can cooler (insulator, really) for beverage cans. Place it on a smooth surface and it stays put, resisting all sideways forces… but pull straight up and it releases so you can take a swig.

Being outdoors is great, and we gotta stay hydrated. But being active outdoors can spill your drink… and some ATVs, boats, UTVs, tractors, and surfboards don’t have cup holders. What to do? Toadfish Outfitters thinks it has the answer.

The Toadfish Sucker non-tipping can cooler is made like a Yeti type, with double-wall stainless steel construction. The big difference is that the Sucker has a suction cup on its base. Current price is $24 shipped from Amazon.

The suction cup is designed to hold fast to any smooth surface — against sideways forces. Wagging dog tails, gravity, and things like that won’t break the suction, they say. To release it, you have to pick it straight up.

The video makes it look really impressive, with it sticking to a sliding glass door, a boat console, vehicle roof, and even a surfboard. Here’s that video:

Unfortunately, the actual product seems to be hit or miss, according to Amazon reviews. Several people reported little or no suction, and some even bought a two-pack in which one would stick okay and the other wouldn’t stick to anything.

Another caveat of the Sucker is that if you use anything other than a standard-size 12-ounce aluminum beverage can, it won’t fit well. If you use slim cans or bottles, you have to buy the “slim can adapter” separately for nine bucks (yikes) or buy a combo that includes one cooler and one adapter for $28. The price for the cooler alone is $24, which seems pretty steep from here.

They say that for every Sucker sold, they “will replant 10 sq ft of new oyster beds to help clean our coastal waters.” If so, that’s not a bad thing.

I think it’s a cool idea, but their quality control may be lacking — and for $24 you should at least get the adapter for slim cans & bottles.

What do you think of it?

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