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Build a Bow Like a Pro With These 10 Bow Accessories

Here we have a topic which, if not careful, could potentially cause a dispute or two. So, before we dive in, lets set aside our brand-militia mentality and take a realistic look at building the ultimate bowhunting setup.

It seems fitting to first establish what actually makes a good setup for bowhunting. This is where we run into our first conundrum, as everybody has their own preferences and capabilities, however we all should be able to agree on this statement:

The best bowhunting setup should be fit to suit the individual who is shooting it, and to be as effective as possible in the magnitude of hunting scenarios bowhunters encounter.

Speed is important, true, but we must also consider consistency and confidence when we pull back and take aim. Missing fast isn’t effective, but the same can be said for arrows with too little energy at impact.

The key is to find a setup that aids to accuracy and forgiveness. So when a deer takes a walk by your treestand, you only have to focus on one single thing; making a lethal and effective shot. A bow will only perform to the level of the functional components you bolt to it, so it feels trivial to even call some of these items “accessories” because they’re integral to the overall performance of the bow.

So if you just unwrapped a brand new, bare bow that’s in dire need of outfitting, hopefully this article will point you in the right direction:


Like many young hunters, my very first bow had a Whisker Biscuit on it. These are by far the simplest bow rests to start out with and, contrary to some folk’s opinion, they perform just fine for youth hunters. Some of the common complaints often heard with this style of rest are: loss of speed and decreased accuracy, too much noise when drawing, increased wear and tear on arrow fletchings, and performance issues in wet or freezing weather conditions.

For these reasons, my recommendation is to try a drop-down or fall-away rest as an alternative.

QAD HDX Ultrarest

Bowhunting Setup


This top of the line UltraRest has all the features of the UltraRest HD, with an eXtreme edge for the die hard hunter! The new modern design and sleek styling of the UltraRest HDX offers eXtreme compatibility, versatility, and even custom colors! If you are the archer that demands nothing but the top of the line, with all the bells and whistles, then the new UltraRest HDX is for you!


Ultimately, bowhunting comes down to putting an arrow where you aim. To accomplish this task, you will need some type of sight (unless of course you shoot instinctively, which if you do, well, hats off to you), and there’s a seemingly endless list of options available on the market today.

Among those, Black Gold has a solid reputation for producing durable, no-nonsense sights, with the Ascent Whitetail standing superior.

Packed with Features

  • High performance PhotoChromatic Technology™ automatically darkens in bright light to dull pins, prevent pin halo. Patent #7290345.
  • The revolutionary SkyCoil™ gathers light from above for unmatched pin brightness when you need it!
  • “Dial-of-Death” adjustment system gives target sight accuracy to bowhunters; 80% more gear surface interface means smoother operation, no gear burnout; reliable SureGrip knob.
  • Light Weight Compact Whitetail Base.
  • Level Head sight ring with pre-installed level that’s much easier to adjust and far more secure.
  • Machined aluminum guard for maximum durability and pin protection.

This sight allows you to choose between a single up-pin housing and run the sight as a standard, single pin adjustable, or opt for a 3-pin housing. The sight also features an oversized gear knob that aids to easy adjustments when you have gloves on. It’s fully adjustable with three axis adjustments, and the sight attaches to the bow at a 45-degree angle, allowing for more viewability at various angles.


If you have the opportunity to select the bowstrings for your setup, look no further than America’s Best Bowstrings. They have been manufacturing high quality custom bowstrings since 2006 with a commitment to the never ending search for perfection. This never ending drive to be the best has once again led ABB to raise the bar in custom bowstring manufacturing. ABB have made significant improvements to their technologies and developed new processes including EST, ACCU-SET, and FIBER-LOC. Along with technology improvements, ABB has expanded their manufacturing capacity so they can deliver even faster. At the end of the day, it is their goal to improve your bows performance and make your archery experience more enjoyable.


I consider myself pretty fortunate. I was introduced to hunting and archery at a pretty young age, and thus, have countless reps of flinging arrows under my belt. Today, it’s hard for me to even imagine starting out for the first time! When a buddy of mine asked me one day how he can get started bowhunting, the first words out of my mouth were “Nock On.” He stared back at me with a confused look on his face, when I began to tell him who John Dudley is and why that would be the best place to start. I went on to explain how there’s a ton of free information available online these days, and with some practice he could be bowhunting in no time.

I suggested he experiment with as much equipment as he can to get a feel for what he likes and what he doesn’t like. I also suggested he start out learning how to use a tension release – something I wish I had started with back when I first got started.

To help determine which tension release is right for you, check out the video below:


An often overlooked component to bow setups; the stabilizer. If chosen correctly, this odd little tool will be your best friend! Stabilizers do exactly what their name suggests, they assist in keeping your bow balanced in your hand by adding weight towards the front of the bow.

The Static Stabilizer from Trophy Ridge is a popular choice among bowhunters, because it allows you to control the weight and balance with customizable weights. It’s unique design also plays an important role, as it allows air to pass through it, giving shooters a steadier shot during windy conditions.

Anchor Point

The anchor point is crucially important for bowhunters. Having a single spot to which you routinely draw means you will be able to aim properly and with consistency.  Again, there are a number of methods and products available to help you find and mark your anchor point, but this one is fairly new to the market: The Bowmar Nose Button

Similar to a “kisser button” which secures to your bowstring and gently rests in the corner of your mouth at full draw, the Bowmar Nose Button sits slightly higher and makes contact with the tip of your nose when you’ve reached your anchor point.

Arrows & Broadheads

There are so many different arrows available on the market today, it’s nearly impossible to not be overwhelmed by all the options. The more you dig into it, the further into the weeds you will go. It’s all dependent on the game you’re pursuing, as arrow diameter and shaft weight play a vital role in arrow penetration, and finding the right combination might be the difference in coming home empty handed or not.

When it comes to broadheads, the one big decision you’ll have to make is do you prefer mechanical or fixed blade?

The good news is there’s really no right or wrong answer, however, if the goal is to build the most effective bowhunting setup, you’re going to want to consider the speed at which your arrow is flying. This is a good question to bring to your local bow shop.


There’s a good chance you’ve invested a good amount of money into building your bow, so make sure it stays safe and protected.

Pelican makes a great bow case that’s up to 40% lighter than other cases, and seems to have taken extra precautions in protecting your bow from the unknowns of going through TSA.

Bow Accessories

  • Super-light proprietary HPX Polymer makes this case up to 40% lighter than the competition
  • Includes: 2 foam arrow holders, 2 small foam bumpers, 2 large foam bumpers, 2 arrow tube straps, 2 small accessory pouches, 6 bungee cords, 1 padded divider
  • added divider provides protection for your bow and features a large storage pocket on the top
  • Molle Strap System creates a customizable interior
  • Integrated stainless steel bearing wheels for easy transit
  • 6 press and pull latches with 2 TSA approved locking latches for security

The Bow

Finally, let’s talk about the bow. There’s a good chance you already have the bow of your choice selected, which hopefully means you landed on this article to help get yourself squared away.

I’m going to start by saying it really doesn’t matter which brand of bow you choose to run. The fact is, bows on the market today are built so incredibly well across the board, it would be hard to knock any particular bow. It comes down to what you like and what feels good to your eyes and in your hands.

Take a trip to a bow shop and ask to pull back a variety of bows to see how different each one feels. For beginners just getting started, a bow with a let-off in the 70-80% range is probably best. This makes holding the bow at full draw a little easier, which goes back to remaining calm and patient when an animal is in range, or getting ready to present a shot opportunity.

In closing, never lose sight of how important it is to follow your instincts. Building a bow is personal, and the setup you decide on should make you feel calm and confident.

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