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Buying the Best Boots for your Climate, Hunts & Outdoor Excursions

When it comes to conquering the outdoors through our recreations of hunting, hiking, camping, or all of the above, we gear up to the gills and confidently journey into the great outdoors. Before these bold excursions are executed, how many people look down?… At their feet! Having appropriate footwear can make or break the success and enjoyment of any adventure in the outdoors. It is one gear item many of us tend to overlook though. Moreover, how many people assess the environment or climate they live in against what they maybe saw in an advertisement in the Sunday paper? These are all important elements to consider before you drop $200 on a pair of boots. Try to take into account these varying factors the next time you purchase a pair of boots dedicated to your outdoor adventures.

Climate Change

This is not meant to be political so stick with us here. Throughout all 50 states in the United States you can experience several different climates that will demand unique types of footwear. Identifying where you live, or more specifically, where you will be doing the bulk of your outdoor activities is very important. While some people understand that the US is divided into 5 main regions when we talk about geography – Northeast, Southwest, West, Southeast and the Midwest – it is even better to understand our climates. There are 6 basic climates, but the United States really only experiences 5 of them.

  • Temperate: This climate can experience huge mood swings of tremendously warm summers and appallingly cold winters. Much of North America; thus, the United States is considered a temperate climate. Deciduous and coniferous forests offer abundant plant life and food sources for wild game as well as cover. Many game animals like whitetail deer, black bear, various species of rabbits, and upland birds are present.
  • Arid: This climate is typified by extremely hot and dry weather nearly year round. Only small portions of the southwest United States would be considered an arid climate. The dry environment and lack of water does not afford much plant life to grow and only resilient animals such as rodents, certain species of reptiles, and insects can survive well. Larger animals like boars and deer are still present, but are low in population.
  • Mediterranean: This climate is unique because it boasts mild winters and hot, pleasurable summers. The only state in the US that strongly resembles this climate is southern California. Significant numbers of medium size game are not present, but more nocturnal animals like snakes and rodents are.
  • Tundra: This climate is known for being very cold year round. While many residents of Minnesota might believe they experience this climate, Alaska is truly the only ‘lucky’ state to live in a tundra climate all the time. Much vegetation and plant life grows extremely low to the ground. Only hearty animals like wolves, bears, and caribou among others are present.
  • Tropical: This climate experiences a lot of rainfall, is at times oppressively hot, and can be dotted by regions of jungle. The animal and plant life is incredibly diverse and can experience long periods of sunny daylight being closer to the equator. Florida would be the only state that fits this description. Numerous birds, insects, and occasional small game comprise the animals in this area.

Buy your Boots Wisely

Like many other tools and pieces of gear you might own, you will want to deliberate and research what will suit you best before you empty your wallet on a new pair of boots. Individuals who live in Tundra and Temperate climates may be seeking something with more insulation and warm properties so they do not need to turn in early on nature outings. People who live in Tropical or Mediterranean regions may desire something that is lighter and potentially more water-resistant. If you are one of the poor souls inhabiting an arid region than you may definitely be seeking out something light in nature that breathes well so your exhausted feet can air out a bit.

Most of us likely have a closet full of footwear to go to work, workout, go to church, and of course go hunting, but when was the last time you replaced or bought new hunting footwear? Maybe a new pair of outdoor boots are in your future. If so, what climate do you live in and what would you be looking for? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.


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