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Cooey Firearms on Forgotten Weapons

Back in the day, there was a demand for simple, practical, reliable, affordable firearms. We don’t see it as much these days, when everyone seems to want a semi-auto or a high-dollar tack-driver, but not that many decades ago it was pretty common to find single-shot 22 rifles and break-action shotguns in just about every gun owner’s home.

Here in the USA, manufacturers of such guns varied. Marlin, Savage, Winchester, Remington, and others… but in Canada there was one giant in that arena, and his name was Cooey.

He was a machinist who developed reliable and affordable guns and manufactured them in great numbers, and it seems that just about every hunter in Canada learned with a Cooey.

Eventually, Winchester bought them out but not before they made one heck of a lot of guns, some of which Ian examines in the video.


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