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Hoppe’s Dual-Lockable Gun Vise

Hoppe’s has an interesting gun vise to hold all your hunting guns when it’s time to mount scopes or just do routine maintenance — and it looks more flexible than some other solutions.

What caught my eye was the over-under shotgun. While I usually break down my old twin-stacker for cleaning, at times it would be right nice if it was held securely while open. This vise can do that because it has clamps fore & aft, so it can grab and securely hold your irons in a variety of positions.

There’s a movable rest between the two vises, which can be used to support the “pistol grip” area of a rifle or shotgun stock.

Numerous compartments give you lots of places for patches, solvents, trinkets, and tools.

Hoppe’s calls it “the company’s first and most complete firearm cleaning station on the market.” Here’s more from the press release:

Designed to accommodate any cleaning need, the Gun Vise sets itself apart from the competition by offering dual lockable sides that securely hold your firearm in place.

Constructed on a durable polymer frame… the new Hoppe’s Gun Vise easily accommodates all styles of long guns, shotguns, and other popular modern sporting rifles. Featuring the iconic Hoppe’s red and black colors, this vise has been engineered to provide maximum convenience whether needing extra space for small parts or for adjusting the fit of your firearm through its multi-positional grip holder.

On the base of the Gun Vise, multiple compartments provide ample storage and integral slots at the rear are conveniently placed for commonly used items like tools and cleaning rods. The new Hoppe’s Gun Vise also includes rubber over molded feet for extra security when placing on surfaces of all types.

‘The Gun Vise was a natural fit to the Hoppe’s line as it provides a perfect extension to our well-known line of gun care products and cleaning solutions,’ said Laurie Kokoruda, Sr. Product Line Manager for Hoppe’s. ‘Not only does it provide a secure, yet simple solution for holding your firearm in place with its unique dual locking sides, but it also aligns perfectly with the Hoppe’s promise of making gun care easy and convenient.’

The Hoppe’s Gun Vise has an MSRP of $59.99.

Looks pretty interesting from here. Now if only I could clear enough junk off my cleaning bench to make room for it!

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