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How to Reinforce a Wooden Rifle Stock Wrist

Once again we bring you “the Mister Rogers of gunsmithing,” Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA as he demonstrates how you can reinforce the wrist area of a wooden rifle stock.

The wrist is the area just behind the receiver, which you grasp while aiming the rifle. Because it’s the slimmest portion of the stock, it’s also the most likely to break… and on many rifles, it has no reinforcement.

The repair is simple and straightforward — heck, the video is not even two minutes long.

Supplies needed:

  • 1/4″ allthread rod about 4.5″ long
  • Drill with extra-long drill bit a tad larger diameter than the rod
  • Epoxy

All you do is drill a long hole into the stock from the receiver cutout, through the center of the wrist. Mix the epoxy and cram some into the hole you just drilled as well as coating the allthread rod with it.

Shove it all down into the hole and remove most of the excess epoxy, leaving a little on top of the hole. You may need to push the rod back down if the compressed air inside the hole pushes it back up out of the hole.

Allow to cure and clean up the cured epoxy. Done!

That was easy.

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