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Michigan Hunters are Feeding the Homeless

Deer hunters love to hunt, and we strive to have a healthy deer herd in the areas where we hunt. Sometimes, this means we shoot more deer than we can eat — and donating the meat from that critter to help the less fortunate is always a great idea. This year, Michigan deer hunters are reportedly breaking previous records by donating generously to provide meat to the homeless.

Even as Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources recently reported that fewer Michiganders are hunting deer these days, it’s definitely not stopping the ones who do hunt from paying it forward.

This year, deer hunters are on track to donate a record amount of money and meat to feed homeless families throughout the state.

J.D. Collins looks forward to this time of year. He’s part of a hunting family. ‘We had more deer than we knew what to do with,’ Collins said.

When they found out there are hungry families who could use that extra meat, they got involved with the Hunters for the Hungry program.

‘You can donate, as a hunter if successful, to share the bounty of your harvest,’ he explained, ‘maybe the whole deer or a portion of your deer.’

According to the Michigan Wildlife Council, venison donations through the program could top 58,000 pounds this year; an all-time record! That’s enough to provide more than 230,000 meals for Michigan families.

Nice! All states should have this sort of thing set up. I’d like to know how I can donate deer in Georgia, for example.

Michigan hunters — and non-hunters — can help via Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger.

From their website:

You can help offset the cost of processing and packaging venison by making a monetary donation when you purchase your hunting or fishing license. Just tell the retail vendor that you want to make a donation to the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger.

If you already purchased your license or are a non-hunter, you can still support this important program by making a donation that will also help with the cost of processing.

To donate venison, visit a participating processor. You can either leave the whole deer or donate a portion of the deer.

An updated list of participating processors can be obtained by calling the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger hotline at 586-552-6517 or visit

Non-hunters can also join in and help provide food for needy families. Just make a donation that will help with the cost of processing, packaging, and transportation of donated venison.

A great way to help feed fellow humans.

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