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[SHOT Show 2020] CCI ‘Stangers’ Ammo Named for 22plinkster

A few days ago, we looked at some cool new rimfire rounds from CCI, called Clean-22, which were introduced at the 2020 SHOT Show. Also new for 2020 is a “Special Edition” 22 LR load named in honor of YouTuber 22plinkster’s Southern drawl. The name is “Stangers” — and as you may have surmised, they are essentially CCI 22 Long Rifle Stingers with different branding & packaging.

CCI® Stinger® isn’t just a great load for pinning down varmints. It’s also been one of the top choices of YouTube shooting sensation 22plinkster. That’s why we’ve introduced special-edition “Stangers”—loads named for his signature drawl. Like the original, Stangers’ 32-grain copperplated hollow-point bullet leaves the muzzle at 1,640 fps and provide CCI’s legendary precision and accuracy.

Is it cool? Absolutely. I like to think of myself as something of an authority on hunting & shooting, but after almost 40 years toting guns in the woods and 22 (coincidence?) years of writing, I don’t see anybody putting my picture on an ammo box!

Even the case heads look cool in the PR photos; stamped with “22” instead of the usual CCI “C” head stamp. (Ammo trivia: CCI stands for Cascade Cartridge, Inc.)

CCI Stangers 22 LR ammo (Image: CCI)

CCI Stangers 22 LR ammo
(Image: CCI)

CCI Stingers are something of a benchmark when it comes to 22 LR hunting ammo. No matter what sort of pinking ammo I burn, I like to keep a box or two handy for stoking up my 10/22 pest control gun, because raccoons and armadillos can be tough to dispatch and Stingers/Stangers are reliable, consistent, and accurate.

Manufacturer Specs

Special-edition 22plinkster packaging
32-grain copper-plated hollow point
1,640 fps muzzle velocity
Loaded within industry standard pressures
Anchors varmints fast
PN: 50100CC
UPS: 6-04544-65788-3
MSRP: $16.99 per 100 rounds

For more information on this load, visit CCI’s Stangers page.

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