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The Outdoorsmans Guide To Forever Free

TACCOM Gun Show Coming to Canada on Sept 6-8th

Usually when people speak of gun shows, they assume it typically takes place in the United States. There is a big gun show called TACCOM (TACtical COMpetition) to take place in Toronto, Canada next weekend at the International Center on September 6-8th. It is over 100,000 square feet with 450 booths with dealers, distributors and manufacturers coming from all over the world.

Manufacturers such as Hecker & Koch, FN America, IWI, Beretta, CZ, Smith & Wesson, Colt Canada and many more will have display booths there to showcase their latest products and to answer any customer’s questions.

While gun license holders can purchase firearms at the show, they cannot take the guns with them, instead they will be available for pickup at the local stores. Accessories such as magazines, optics, etc will be sold at the show since there is no regulation on them.

Gun celebrities such as Master Ken and Chris Costa (remember watching Magpul Dynamics DVDs?) will be there to sign autographs as well as providing seminars on how to improve shooting techniques.

Will there be anti-gun protesters trying to interrupt the event? We will find out in a week’s time.

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