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The Stan Project Website Offers Info & Merchandise

Regular readers know that I am a fan of Stan Zuray. I am not a man who has many heroes, but Stan is just a heck of a good guy — and an interesting one as well. So when he contacted me about the then-proposed (and now sure-nuff) “Stan Project,” I happily let y’all know about it back in February.

They met their crowd-funding goal and have begun filming, and after traveling to Stan’s fish camp and spending some time with him there, they recently headed back to civilization to start editing video.

It’s still unclear what exactly this video project will entail, but don’t expect a reboot of the old “Yukon Men” TV series. While seeking crowdfunding, they called it “A thoughtful documentary series showcasing a different way to look at life through the eyes of Stan Zuray.” That description remains the same at the new website they’ve just unveiled:

What is the goal of The Stan Project? I’m glad you asked:

The goal of this project is to show a different way of life through the eyes of a man who has overcome so much to be able to live the way he does. It’s about finding happiness and working towards something meaningful. It’s about exploring what gives you purpose and finding the courage to chase it yourself. We rarely take the time to appreciate what we have and this project might inspire you to live in a more thoughtful way. We hope to encourage others to find the strength and perseverance within themselves to live their own best life.

I’ve been reading Stan’s book, “Carry On,” and learning more about his past life, although much of this was also covered in a series of videos I shared here a couple years ago. In short, he’s not just an ordinary average guy — but he acts like he is. It’s doubtful anyone reading this is more of a nature-lover or a harder worker than Stan, who in many ways embodies what it’s like to be an outdoorsman.

You can also buy merchandise at the new website; they currently offer three items: Bumper sticker which says, “In Dog We Trust;” autographed photo of Stan with his dog team; and ‘The Stan Project’ T-shirt.

(If anyone needs to know, my T-shirt size is XL …)

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