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The Outdoorsmans Guide To Forever Free

Time to Reassess Your Home Pandemic Kit

It may already be too late, but right now is the best time to drag out all your prepper survival gear and supplies to see what you actually have. More importantly it is critical to see what you don’t have and need to acquire as quickly as possible, if possible. The shelves have been highly ravaged already.

This declared pandemic has already put a massive strain on the supply system all over the country. It is not that we are out of goods, but it has been difficult for some stores like big grocery stores and big box retailers to keep enough trucks coming in to resupply every night. Then by 9am the next morning it’s all gone again.

The rush has been on for more than a week and we see no signs of it letting up. Unfortunately many are just proving to be selfish hoarders. How could you use 100 rolls of toilet paper or ten cases of hand sanitizer? But this is the reality of our world right now. So, find out immediately what you have and especially what you will need to get by until this bad boy bug flies away.

As a prepper (or prepper wanna-be), you know the basic essentials for an in-home quarantine: Food, water, meds, health aids, first aid, communications, and security. You’ll need to have all these bases covered. For now we still have electric power country wide (but ours was out for 2 hours today), and clean water coming out of the sinks. It could be a lot worse.

After double checking your stock, start making lists. If possible send more than one shopper and divvy up the stores to visit. Use cell communications to share what supplies are found where. A contact here had to visit seven stores to find one gallon of milk. Today, Wal-Mart was sold out of hamburger by noon. The panic is quiet but it is not over. Likely this mild panic will continue for as long as the contagion remains active.

Pay close attention to quantity buying. Don’t waste time or money. You don’t need ten cases of soft drinks, but you might want ten bottles of hand sanitizer, some OTC pain meds, packs of soft wipes, and extra bathroom tissue. Buy foods that will last a good while. You can risk a bet on power continuing so consider frozen foods or stuff you can freeze. Lucky for us this pandemic is not attacking the power grid.

Start now. You are probably already behind the eight ball. It’s anybody’s guess, but the COVID-19 bug might be around for six months or more, although let’s hope not.

This is not a game. It is the real thing.

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